Barack Obama tweeted our recent PNAS paper

August 2013 See here:

Press coverage of the recent paper in PNAS

July 2013 The publication of the paper Levermann et al. (2013), The multimillennial sea-level commitment of global warming, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (see here for a download of the pdf) has lead to national and international media coverage. In Austria, Ben Marzeion was interviewed on the national public radio news, and made the front page of the Tiroler Tageszeitung.

The Climate of Tomorrow

June 2013 The University of Innsbruck publishes a magazine showcasing the research, and people behind the research, done in Innsbruck. In the latest issue a climate change vizualisation developed by Ben Marzeion was published. The explaining text (in German) is by Christian Flatz: Greenhouse gas emissions are changing the climate. How much? That depends on our actions. If we do business as usual,...

Update of the Website

June 2013 This website just received a general overhaul. Some content (especially older items) are still being transfered from the previous site, and some bugs may still remain to be tracked down...

Article in "Der Standard"

April 2013  The Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" published a piece on Ben Marzeion on April 17, 2013. To read the article online (in German), go here:

Presentation at Tyrolean State Government

March 2013 On March 12, Ben Marzeion was keynote speaker at the symposium "Climate Protection at the Communal Level". The symposium was held at and by the Tyrolean State Government. About 100 mayors, environmental protection officers, and part of the Tyrolean government discussed funding and consultancy offered by the government to support municipalities in their efforts to develop sustainable solutions.

Ben Marzeion on Austrian Public Radio

January 2013 The Austrian public radio station Ö1 is broadcasting a series of five segments of five minutes each of Ben Marzeion explaining past and future glacier change, and its relevance for sea-level rise (in German). Contact me if you are interested in a copy.

Article in "Der Tagesspiegel"

November 2012 Ben Marzeion is quoted in "Der Tagesspiegel" regarding sea-level rise from melt in Greenland, Antarctica, and from glaciers (in connection with this paper in The Cryopshere). To read the whole piece, go here:

Commentary in Tiroler Tageszeitung

November 2012 The daily newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung published a commentary be Ben Marzeion on the ongoing negotiation at the Climate Summit in Doha (unfortunately, not available online).

Article in "Die Presse"

December 2011 In an article on East African drought conditions, the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" quotes Ben Marzeion on recent precipitation amounts, and outlook for the next rainy season. Click here to read the article (in German).