New paper in Nature

November 2018 First-authored by a previous PhD student (David Parkes), I published a paper on the contribution of uncharted glaciers to past sea-level rise in Nature today. Uncharted glaciers are those that are either missing from present day inventories because they are hard to identify, or because they disappeared during the 20th century. While those glaciers are really small today, they may have...

Ben Contributes to IPCC Special Report as Lead Author

August 2017 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will start to prepare the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate soon. I will contribute to this report as a Lead Author of Chapter 4, Sea Level Rise and Implications for Low Lying Islands, Coasts and Communities. Find more information here.

Climate Change Committments resulting from the Paris Agreement

April 2016 At EGU last week, I joined a panel to give a press conference on "Historical responsibilities and climate impacts of the Paris agreement". The other members of the panel were Mario Krapp, Erwan Monier, Robert DeConto, and Michiel Schaeffer. You can watch the stream here.

Anthropogenic forcing dominates sea-level rise

April 2016 In a paper published in Nature Climate Change, we demonstrate that anthropogenic forcing is the dominant cause of sea-level rise since about 1970. In the first half of the 20th century, only about 15 % of sea-level rise were of anthropogenic origin, but human emissions caused about 70 % of sea-level rise between 1970 and 2005. Read the original article here: Aimée Slangen et al., 2016. A News...

Ben receives IUGG award

November 2014 Ben Marzeion will receive the Early Career Scientist Award from the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) in 2015. The price is awarded once every four years for "outstanding research in Earth and Space Sciences and for their international research cooperation". Ben is the recipient in the field of climatology.

News coverage of UNESCO heritage paper

April 2014 The publication of our paper on the impacts of long term sea-level rise on the UNESCO cultural world heritage lead to world-wide news coverage, including the title story for the Austrian news magazine Echo.

UNESCO heritage paper featured in Nature and Nature Climate Change

March 2014 The ERL paper on the impacts of sea-level rise on the cultural world heritage was highlighted both in Nature ( and Nature Climate Change (

Cryosphere paper featured in Nature

January 2014 Our recent paper on the equilibrium response and sensitivities of global glaciers to climate change, published in The Cryopshere (see here), was featured today by Nature as a research highlight.

"Habilitation" presentation

September 2013 I'll present the trial lecture of my habilitation procedure on Wednesday, October 30, on "Glaciers between Little Ice Age and Anthropocene - Causes of the Global Meltdown".

Talk and Discussion at PLANET'13

August 2013 Ben Marzeion gave a talk and joined the discussion at PLANET'13, the 13th international jamboree of the scouts and guides of Upper Austria.