New paper in Nature

November 2018 First-authored by a previous PhD student (David Parkes), I published a paper on the contribution of uncharted glaciers to past sea-level rise in Nature today. Uncharted glaciers are those that are...

Ben Contributes to IPCC Special Report as Lead Author

August 2017 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will start to prepare the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate soon. I will contribute to this report as a Lead Author...

Climate Change Committments resulting from the Paris Agreement

April 2016 At EGU last week, I joined a panel to give a press conference on "Historical responsibilities and climate impacts of the Paris agreement". The other members of the panel were Mario Krapp, Erwan...

Recent Publications

Richter, K.; Meyssignac, B.; Slangen, A.B.A.; Melet, A.; Church, J.A.; Fettweis, X.; Marzeion, B.; Agosta, C.; Ligtenberg, S.R.M.; Spada, G.; Palmer, M.D.; Roberts, C.D.; Champollion, N. , 2020 , Detecting a forced signal in satellite-era sea-level change , Environ. Res. Lett. , DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/ab986e
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Marzeion, B.; Hock, R.; Anderson, B.; Bliss, A.; Champollion, N.; Fujita, K.; Huss, M.; Immerzeel, W.W.; Kraaijenbrink, P.; Malles, J.‐H.; Maussion, F.; Radic, V.; Rounce, D.R.; Sakai, A.; Shannon, S.; Wal, R.; Zekollari, H. , 2020 , Partitioning the Uncertainty of Ensemble Projections of Global Glacier Mass Change , Earth's Future , 8 , DOI: 10.1029/2019EF001470
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Eis, J.; Maussion, F.; Marzeion, B. , 2019 , Initialization of a global glacier model based on present-day glacier geometry and past climate information: an ensemble approach , The Cryosphere , 13 , 3317 - 3335 , DOI: 10.5194/tc-13-3317-2019
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Recinos, B.; Maussion, F.; Rothenpieler, T.; Marzeion, B. , 2019 , Impact of frontal ablation on the ice thickness estimation of marine-terminating glaciers in Alaska , The Cryosphere , 13 , 2657 - 2672 , DOI: 10.5194/tc-13-2657-2019
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Hock, R.; Bliss, A.; Marzeion, B.; Giesen, R.H.; Hirabayashi, Y.; Huss, M.; Radic, V.; Slangen, A.B.A. , 2019 , GlacierMIP – A model intercomparison of global-scale glacier mass-balance models and projections , Journal of Glaciology , 65 , 453-467 , DOI: 10.1017/jog.2019.22
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Maussion, F.; Butenko, A.; Champollion, N.; Dusch, M.; Eis, J.; Fourteau, K.; Gregor, P.; Jarosch, A.H.; Landmann, J.; Oesterle, F.; Recinos, B.; Rothenpieler, T.; Vlug, A.; Wild, C.T.; Marzeion, B. , 2019 , The Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) v1.1 , Geosci. Model Dev. , 12 , 909 - 931 , DOI: 10.5194/gmd-12-909-2019
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